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Its time to ignite the digital world, Our passion for Tenant placemaking guides us—quite literally from Closed Space, to successfully Open for business.





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Whether you are opening your first location, relocating, or looking to expand, our strong relationships with landlords, and brokers enhance our insight into your business drivers, resulting in informed and productive negotiation strategies. Baron’s tenant representation experts work with landlords to offer the most favorable terms and price per sq. ft. 


Baron leverages our retailer relationships and uses proprietary marketing platforms to create exposure for your properties and ultimately help land your ideal tenant mix.  Baron stabilizes overall occupancy through tenant retention, to achieve and enhance investment value. Baron analyzes competitive rental rates and uniquely positions your property for success.

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With the support of in-depth market knowledge, a keen ability for market forecasting, and strategic problem-solving abilities, our expert leasing professionals will effectively create and leverage opportunities in the marketplace to secure the most advantageous transaction structure. 


We will create competition in the marketplace for your tenancy, to pressure your landlord to offer the most favorable terms.​ The bottom line is that since value in real estate derives so heavily from your  "location" Baron carefully considers any relocation provisions in leases.